Why do so many different “Lenders” use Looks Securities as custodian?

October 10, 2020 1 minute read

Looks Securities Limited as Custodian!!

You guessed, because Looks Securities is willing to look the other way and engage in any and all boiler-room fraud that’s necessary.

Recently a popular Lender – High West Capital Partners– who was performing all operations with Looks Securities Limited has come under intense scrutiny by the SFC and FBI for fraud. 

You can read about this here and here.

Don’t think for one second that Looks Securities is doing this with only High West.

Every lender that uses Looks Securities as a custodian does so because they need a middle man that is easily willing to conspire with them and will help hide and sell the borrowers’ shares.

Any entity, directly or indirectly, working with Looks Securities is 100% involved in fraud and deception.

Fake lenders are like bees, they must return to their beehive for shelter, and in returning they give away the master conspirator without who they cannot function- the custodian.

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