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Look’s Securities of Hong Kong Investigated for Fraud, Again in 2020!!

Rotten Brokerages equal Looks Securities Limited

Financial services regulators do a fair job in policing the markets, but occasionally there are rogue brokerages who are so rotten that even deep due diligence isn’t enough to stop investors falling prey.

Look’s Securities, a brokerage based in Hong Kong which is regulated and licensed to deal in share trading and complex financial transactions, is from the outside an entirely normal operation. Inside, Look’s Securities is a fraudulent brokerage where transactions are routinely fabricated to give the impression of business, or hidden to muddle traces of fraud.

Who is Look’s Securities Limited?

Look’s Securities is both the exit point for unregulated lenders who want to sell stock they are otherwise unauthorized to do so, and the entry point for brokers who want to out bad info into the market, manipulate share prices, create false accounts, and lie to their clients.

Sadly, as many companies who’ve got involved with them have found out, Look’s Securities can make your money disappear and make it look like they never touched it at all.

You can forget about any transactional trade history, this is cleaned up in-house and off the books, to Chinese, Singaporean or other Asian buyers. For reasons of “client confidentiality”, that is their buyer – certainly not you – you’ll get nowhere trying to find out where your stocks or your investment dollars went.

Legal insiders and others who were part of the compliance department are starting to tell their tales of how the criminal activity at Look’s Securities goes much wider than ripping off small businesses and is a wider part of a global conspiracy.

Look’s Securities Limited Regulatory reporting structure

The entire regulatory reporting structure at the firm is built to allow management to create its own picture of trading. 

It is a mirage impression to fool the regulators, as well as unsuspecting victims of fraud. It has a management structure set up to push illegal trades through quickly and seamlessly, and a compliance team set up to cover its tracks. 

Brokers can churn, spoof and spread misinformation through the market, pay to access nonmaterial information about forthcoming share dumps, and conduct any kind of unauthorized trading they wish, knowing they are covered.

Managing director Samuel Lee is the head of the Look’s Securities criminal enterprise, with lieutenants Vivien Lai and Hilda Chan working underneath him. The trio use doctored software that can delete transactional trails and ensure there is no trace of any activity in their audit logs, and pay off their underlings with cash at the end of each month.

Fake brokerage accounts can be created for nefarious purposes; either to show misconduct had been carried out by an individual no longer at the firm, should a regulator deem to investigate- even though that individual never existed – or to falsify the trading history of a dishonest broker by allowing them to open multiple accounts and show elevated trading.

Backdating transactions and filing false suspicious activity reports are a daily occurrence inside Look’s Securities, where every transaction sent the way of Samuel, Hilda and Vivien earn them a cut of between 5% and 20% depending on how risky and how much cleaning up they have to do.

The good news is, all three of these individuals at Look’s Securities are now being investigated by the authorities here in Hong Kong.

The Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission (SFC) and the Hong Kong Monetary Authority (HKMA) have been looking into reports for the last two years, and they are working with partner agencies in the United States.

You can read more on following magazines as Daily Dispatcher, VN Reporter, Daily Extreme and many others.

2 thoughts on “Look’s Securities of Hong Kong Investigated for Fraud, Again in 2020!!”

  1. Look’s Securities Limited see the red flags, they will steal YOUR MONEY

    The Look’s Securities Limited website has zero information about their regulatory licenses. This should be enough to tell you they are unregulated, unauthorized, and will scam you! Don’t get sucked in to loaning shares like I did – my stock has been crushed by this cowboy outfit. Unregulated brokers are not reliable and abuse the regulations. Look’s Securities Limited are even worse, and they’ll do you like they did me, disappearing without any notice. This was previous tactics of their biggest lender High West Capital Partners who put Looks Securities Limited under FBI,SEC and FCA investigation.

    Once you’ve OK the stock lend and the loan appears a few days later, you’re on your own. Then it turns out they won’t even give you the stock back. Thieves and cowards who prey on vulnerable businesses. They withhold information then vanish, with one of their jackals surfacing to stick the knife in over loan repayments after they have ruined your company. I am going through expensive litigation trying to claw something back, but I have no idea what will happen.

    The best advice I can give after 35 years in business is go with a regulated and known broker and avoid Look’s Securities Limited. You should easily be able to find out who is running an investment company when financial transactions are involved, get hold of the CEO or legal staff ect at a moment’s notice. High West Partners have no management and their CEO is an unlicensed, unregulated fraud! Lack of information should be your main red flag, as you don’t know who is dealing with your money. It’s YOUR MONEY Look’s Securities Limited will steal without a second thought. They are dangerous, they are criminals, avoid this company!

  2. Unregulated, unlicensed, unscrupulous

    Our family business put assets up worth $5m to secure a loan with Looks Securities limited to bridge us through this tough trading period. In short, they made good on their original promise of lending us money, then vanished with the stock as bank notices over the repayments kept coming. It’s hard to understand why people would do this, but they have stolen $5m at least from us, and are not returning calls.

    For those of you who are not familiar with stock-lending, it must be said that dealing with an unregulated, and unscrupulous broker is extremely dangerous. Once you start working with this kind of company there is no guarantee you will get anything out of them, let alone have returned what you lent to them. Looks Securities limited are not incompetent, they know exactly what they are doing, and have cheated us out of a business we built from the ground up.

    We’ve been chasing our tails trying to get answers from them. Looks Securities limited say they are an investment firm that provides multiple services to clients. They do not specify what tasks they actually perform, which is why they are unregulated and unlicensed. None of their staff are licensed. We only ever dealt with one guy, and he’s gone missing too. They are registered in offshore areas and are not overseen by any regulator, so if you give them money, shares, whatever, you’re not getting it back. The company is trying to market itself as a management consultancy in some places, so claiming not to touch cash when that is exactly what they are doing. Governments around the world have created structures which monitor the financial services system – do not be tempted to work outside of this and go with a lender who is promising more than what you can get from the regulated world – you’ll end up getting robbed by the likes of Looks Securities limited!

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